2017 Best Sugar Dating App Review for Gay & Lesbian

Now we have many sugar daddy dating apps with different prices , we can see various apps about rich & elite singles dating and match millionaires or sugar daddies when we search relevant content on IOS App Store or Google Play Store. However, most of…Read More »

‘Blesser’ and ‘Blessee Relationship’

It’s a new buzzword now, much like the sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship, it’s everything to do with what you’re prepared to do for money or using the money in exchange for companies. Unlike sugar relationships, especially in black urban circles where…Read More »

Be Friend? After a “Sugar” Relationship Ends

Breaking up is a hard thing to everybody, sugars are not exceptional. Do you think you could keep him/her as a  friend when you over the sugaring relationship with your sugar daddy/sugar baby? Answer 1: I feel like it will be more difficult…Read More »

Falling in Love With Sugar Daddy?

Falling in love with sugar daddy? Is anyone has the same answer with you? Let’s find out: Answer 1: Falling in love doesn’t have to mean one certain thing. people love their friends, their family, if I were to love my sugar…Read More »

Best Gay Sugar Daddy App Review

I didn’t find many sugar daddy apps which are specially designed for gay, I mean there are many gay dating apps indeed, but now growing numbers of gay guys want to find their sugar daddy or sugar baby. Basically, all of the…Read More »

2017 Top 5 Best Sugar Mama App Review

About 10 years ago, people noticed that those rich people are not necessarily in a dominant position if they hook up or court others because most of the wealthy people are older than other young handsome guys. So ‘sugar daddy’ comes out. Elite and rich people…Read More »