2018 Top 5 Best Sugar Daddy Apps Review

sugar daddy dating apps -2018

2019 Best Sugar Daddy Apps Review

This post will review Top 5 or less than 5 prepared sugar daddy apps from the features, user base, subscription prices, and other factors, to give you new sugar seekers the best guidance to choose the proper one according to your actual needs. Because with rising numbers of sugar daddy apps have been launched, we found multiple fake apps, full of spam, scammers who just want to take money from your pocket, instead of arranging you a right sugar dating.


Sudy App Logo

#1 Sudy

Best Sugar Daddy App

Features: I found an interesting thing about all the sugar daddy apps out there, which is that their features are almost the same. I have no idea why they did that but one thing I can say for sure is that Sudy is so special that makes it the best among these similar apps, in terms of features.

They made an active, harmonious community in their Moments, people can feed anything they want. The most genius part is Sudy not only have live, view, online, newbie that other apps included too, also have ‘Pulse’ or Ranking to help you quickly find the most attractive members who most preferred by existing users.

Besides, Sugar Talk is a brilliant idea that connects Sudy and sugar seekers then give all people a chance to write down their real opinion on typical questions in the sugar world.

Plus, they also create Sudy Gay, Sudy Cougar, Sudy Les for diverse types of users, which is convenient for every sugar seeker who has special needs.


#2  Luxy

Date with Attractive Millionaire

Features: Like Sudy, they also have a match feature works like Tinder, and Sudy-style community called Moments. But Luxy lets existing users vote new users decide they get in through or get out, and this step takes one day as long as you pay any kind of subscription. I’m not sure if it’s a trick to push new users to purchase, I mean, if you can’t wait for 24 hours


#3 Sugar Daddy Meet

Features: Like other preferred sugar daddy dating app out there, Spark is the first one-step when you get in the app and you can swipe left to like someone and swipe right to pass. And nothing special, Moments. It’s interesting that every profile has a smiling face icon, if you like someone you can tap the smiling face to send them a wink, except add them to your favorites, just like you would do in reality.

#4 Seeking Arrangement

Features: Kinda boring because you can only browse members with using the filter, active members, new members, upgraded members, and etc. And you can also search any type of member you like through their normal or advance search feature. Their search feature is really good, very complete in all varieties and it’s convenient for users to get the results what they expect. The thing is, you won’t spend more time on this app except you have found someone to chat and have a nice conversation because there is nothing else to do.

#5 SugarD

Features: QuickMatch would be easy to use the feature for users like Tinder, a swipe part to anonymously ‘like’ or ‘pass’ on suggested members. And just like other sugar daddy dating apps, SugarD has the verification feature and it’s just like Sudy, verified members always draw more attention to sugar community and get more chances to meet literally high-quality matches. But I couldn’t understand why they don’t verify member by other means instead of asking for the no-makeup picture… I was wondering how girls think about this.

2018 Best Sugar Daddy Apps Review

#User Review

Sudy App Logo

#1 Sudy

Best Sugar Daddy App

User Review: High success rate because many users left their stories or reviews on Sudy’s website and we can see that they had met the right one and had wonderful sugar experiences. No matter Android Google Play Store or iOS App Store, Sudy Keep the top three rankings even the first ranking in your search result of “sugar daddy” keyword. I think it is reasonable due to the large user base of Sudy and clever as Sudy’s team they created other apps exclusive for Gay, Lesbian, Cougar, and other LGBT people, users are satisfied with this action so give this app the best rating and reviews. Besides, the reasonable features and friendly design add more bonus points.

#2 Sudy Gay

Best Gay Sugar Daddy App

Users Review: A new sugar daddy app for gay guys but it’s very popular on social media since been launched, and the large active member base, high-quality attractive members, belongs to a professional and good brand Sudy, and many other factors let Sudy Gay got fastly rising numbers of users to join this community. Evry one can enjoy the high-quality gay chat and upload your normal pictures or private pictures to profile, easily feed every wonderful moment in your life to show more about yourself. Sudy Gay is a good app itself, then the more new users join in, the higher success rate they can get.


#3 Luxy

Best Sugar Mama App

Users Review: I didn’t see that many positive reviews on App Store and Google Play, I think it may be caused by app’s orientation. It’s a high-class app for rich and wealthy people who want to have some fun, no matter the males or females. They have many successful love stories on the official website to show the positive reviews from their users, Luxy and Luxy pro always keeps their high taste in rich men dating field, which is the most important point that they got many loves. If it has a more reasonable subscription price I think it will gain one more star.

Sudy Cougar App Logo

#4 Sudy Cougar

Best Sugar Mama App

Users Review: Unlike Sudy or Sudy Gay, Sudy Les, Sudy Cougar has gotten likes less than other sugar daddy apps because it is designed for cougar aka sugar mamas and male cubs, a small part of the sugar dating field. Though there is little female cougars who want to be a sugar mommy and seeking young guys to have fun, Sudy Cougar still got many users here. Because of this, the rating and the review from Their users still higher than other Cougar apps.

#5 Seeking Arrangement

Users Review: As the leading sugar daddy dating site ten years ago, seeking arrangements is an old fashion and famous brand in sugar dating field, its website got many votes by famous media sites and sugar seekers in the past few years because of the huge user base. But as an app, seeking arrangement didn’t do as good as its website, few features yet high subscription price is unlovable. However, unlike other sugar daddy apps out there(except the apps above) which usually get the bad review from their users, seeking arrangement still has success stories and positive reviews.

2018 Best Sugar Daddy Apps Review

#User Base

#1 Seeking Arrangement

Editor Review: As the most famous sugar daddy dating brand, seeking arrangement site has been launched over 10 years, and Brandon Wade, the founder of SA, who did really good promotion by being featured on famous media like BBC, CNN, ABC and etc, or hosting several parties which exclusive for sugar daddies and sugar babies. I have no doubt on their user base.

Sudy App Logo

#2 Sudy

Best Sugar Daddy App

Editor Review: I must say Sudy is not the oldest sugar daddy dating site, but it indeed the best, when it comes to App. Recently Sudy App professed to reach three million members, and promo that lucky No. 3,000,000 member. That means as an app, Sudy gains the most sugar seekers’ love and the high probability of successful matches would let all the people want to give it a try. And the most important is the team who created Sudy, has also created other sugar daddy app for gay(Sudy Gay), lesbian(Sudy Les), or sugar mama&male sugar baby(Sudy Cougar), meet different needs of different people. No wonder why they got that large user population in a short period of 2 years.


#3 Millionaire Match

Editor Review: It seems millionaire match was founded earlier than sugar daddy meet, like SA or sugar daddy meet, millionaire match also has good user base according to the seniority of their company, people would prefer to trust a platform who has experience. But the same problem just like sugar daddy meet, their site seems haven’t update for a long time so not good looking for new people, and the app has not much different with most sugar daddy app out there. However, for user base, millionaire match is not bad anyway.

#4 SugarD

Editor Review: SugarD did well on Apple App Store, but it has the contrary rating&users review on Google Play Store. I downloaded the app and noticed that the features have nothing new but still received few responses after saying Hi to everyone, seems not so many people active on this app, so for the user base, SugarD is better than many fake sugar daddy apps, but far away from good as the above apps.

2018 Best Sugar Daddy Apps Review

#Social Media

#1 Sudy—Instagram@sudyapp

Sudy app social media

Editor: Regularly update, nice content highly relate to sugar daddy. Since I follow Sudy’s official accounts on Instagram, many gorgeous sugar seekers’ pictures, funny sugar daddy memes, newest things about Sudy App daily fed, very useful and quite following. Social network becomes the very most important platform where company promoting, marketing, brand building these years, but not much sugar daddy brand well-managed their official social accounts. Sudy is the best sugar daddy brand I have ever seen who developed themselves fast on the social network.

#2 Seeking Arrangement—Instagram@seekingarrangement

2018 Best Sugar Daddy Apps Review Social Media

Editor: With a long history in sugar daddy dating field, seeking arrangements have a big buzz on news outlet, and they keep a good connection with media, have been featured on BBC, which means they are good at the press release on famous news media. However, they attracted fewer followers than Sudy, though they still post nice quality of contents and news in sugar world on seeking arrangements official Instagram.

#3 The Sugar Book—Instagram@thesugarbook

2018 Best Sugar Daddy Apps Review Social Media

Editor: TheSugarBook, a relatively new Instagram account on Instagram. Even they have far fewer followers compare to Sudy or Seeking Arrangements, if you look at their posts you will find they indeed spent time to feed high-quality content.

#4 Millionaire Match&Others

Editor: MillionaireMatch has another promotion method on the social network like, multiple affiliates do the promotion by feeding things related to dating, usually they will add to a unique link jumping to MillionaireMatch’ official website. That seems to be considered the spamming move by

Other sugar daddy platform either don’t have official accounts like millionaire match, or even don’t have any promotion on the social network.

This post will be kept updated as possible if there’s any other concern about sugar daddy app.