My Gay Sugar Daddy Story – First Dating Experience

Today I am going to share you guys my gay sugar daddy experience. So I am going to jump into this story straightly.

The story is when I was in Los Angeles last year living in the Hollywood with my fest friend Laura. I was on some social apps of course. Being in Los Angeles, I obviously have had friends who went on sugar dates or have had a sugar daddy or momma. So I decided that since I am here in the city of angle why do not I try it out by myself. I am on one gay sugar daddy dating app and this guy hit me up.


He is quite bit older. He is 42 years old. He sent me a couple of pictures, and I am like ok I am attracted to him so we start chatting and hitting each other up. He said he wants buy me dinner, and I feel that would be great. But he changed his plan, and he wants me to go to his apartment. So he calls me an Uber, and it takes me to his place. I was walking around Los Feliz. It is like a neighborhood outside of Hollywood in LA. I was trying to find his apartment, and I saw this guy walked outside. I was like that would not be him.

First of all, the person in his photo is a little bit older because he has gained weight. But I still said hi to him. So he took me to his apartment. Nothing terrible happened. I was 100% comfortable with the entire situation. But the way he made out with me was not very ideal. Except that the rest of night was very beautiful. He ordered sushi to his apartment, and he fed me with sushi while I was sitting on his lab. After that I put on my cloth and wanted to go back home. He ended up a little bit sad, and he was asking me if I need another Uber. I rejected him and walking back home. I was walking through Hollywood back to the apartment where I was staying during the time. That was a pretty good walk.

So that is basically my first sugar dating experience. I know it was not really exciting comparing with other’s story, but I still want to let you guys know how is like to have the first sugar daddy dating experience.