Top5 Best Sugar Daddy App Review on the iTunes

Sugar Daddy App iOS Reviews

Today we’re going to have a sugar daddy app review based on the reviews on the iTunes. We have collected scours and reviews of the best sugar daddy apps. OK. Let’s start with the rules of iTunes.

What Is Scours and Reviews on the iTunes

Customers who download one App can rate this app on the App Store. Ratings are for the App Store territory where the app was originally purchased. Each rating is based on a scale of 1 to 5 stars and customers can choose to add a written review for iOS and Mac apps.

Besides, Customers can edit their ratings and reviews, and the most recent one will display on your App Store product page. If a customer submits a new rating or review for your app, the existing one will be replaced. When developers update their App, all ratings and reviews for the previous version of your app will automatically move from the Current Version pane to the All Versions pane in the Reviews tab of the product page.

Top5 Sugar Daddy App Review on the iTunes

We choose 5 best sugar daddy apps for this review:  SudySeekingArrangementSugarD, Honey Daddy and Millionaire Match. The following Screenshots were taken on 06/29/2017:

Sudy – #1 Sugar Daddy Dating App ★★★★★

Current Version: 374 Ratings
All Versions: 6934 Ratings
Scale:Four and a half stars

sugar daddy app sudy's review

sugar daddy ios

SeekingArrangement  ★★★☆

Current Version: 19 Ratings
All Versions: 279 Ratings
Scale:Five stars
sugar daddy app sa review
sugar daddy ios


Millionaire Match: The Elite League Singles Datin  ★★☆

Current Version: 70 Ratings
All Versions: 148 Ratings
Scale: Four and a half stars

sugar daddy app mm review

sugar daddy ios


SugarD – #1 Sugar Daddy Dating AppSudy  ★★

Current Version: 50 Ratings
All Versions: 2082 Ratings
Scale: Four stars

sugar daddy app sugard‘s review

sugar daddy ios


Honey Daddy – Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy Dating  ★★

Current Version: 70 Ratings
All Versions: 148 Ratings
Scale: Three stars

sugar daddy app HD review

sugar daddy ios


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